Pet Health


The frequency, duration, and type of exercise varies by dog type and age. In general, you'll want to insure that your pet gets enough exercise to maintain normal bowel habits and keep that keep that tail wagging.

Diet & Nutrition

There are core vitamins and minerals every pet needs in order to stay healthy and alert. Additionally, however, some pets will develop 'conditions' - such as hypothyroid or other hormonal ailments... much like humans, that need special foods or even medication. Consult with your Veterinarian for your pet's specific nutritional needs.



Grooming is integral to your pet's health. Not only does it insure superb appearance, but is also a vital part of pest control (see below) and maintaining intimacy with human touch.


Pest Control

Fleas and ticks threaten your pet's health because they are often disease vectors and are parasitic. Long term infestations drain energy, make your pet miserable - and also can threaten the health of human household members.



Easy to forget and inconvenient to maintain... a regular inoculation schedule, nonetheless, is a key part of your pet's longevity and your continued enjoyment of this important family member.



A warm, dry place to sleep with plenty of room to wander and roam is ideal. This can be difficult in urban and suburban situations - and one of the reasons you want to walk your pet regularly. You'll want a well rested pet in the morning and throughout the day.Give your pet the same comfort you like to feel when you are around home and turning in for the night.

Social Interaction

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. Modern breeds aren't really that modern... many tracing their roots back before the birth of Christ. They are attuned to human interaction and need the affection and caring that only people can provide.Hand in hand with this is your consideration of their exposure to other pets similarly cared for. We all know by now that our pets have their own personalities - usually very humanlike. A constant, ongoing program of social exposure is another important element of your pet's longevity and health.

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